Unless you were always sleeping, or cutting classes  during your college days,  you  don’t have to attend expensive  review centers. You’re much better off devoting hours taking online tests. Lots of them. Regularly. Frequently. 

Boxers train for a title match by sparring rounds. Grandmasters prep for the Chesss Olympiad by playing chess. Tennis pros prep for a tournament by playing tennis. Runners train for the marathon by running. Swimmers train for a competition by swimming. Debaters prep for a debating contest by debating. Stage actors prep for the opening night by rehearsing. Weightlifters train by lifting weights.

So how should one prep for a board  exam?

By taking exams! That is the principle of SPECIFICITY:

You train for something by doing the same thing.

Taking  tests  is superior to reading your college textbooks or study  notes. Reading is just like spoonfeeding your mind passively.

But test taking  forces the brain to actively retrieve, to recall connections between concepts, principles and applications,  thereby  reinforcing learning and promoting longer  retention.

Taking  online, simulated  tests with time  pressure increases familiarity with questions and problems. Familiarity  eliminates surprise that  terrifies you and paralyzes your brain into  inaction. And it brings you the confidence to enter the test room with calm and confidence, not with  distressing dread and fear.

“To  pass the  PRC board exam,  you  have to pass our  tests first.”