How to pass the PRC Board on your first try

Passing the board exam is difficult. The percentage of passing in some tests ranges from 40% to even less than 30% in recent years. Some people need to take the board twice, thrice maybe, to pass it. And some people do well, some even topping it, on their first try. What do board passers have that the others don’t?


What do board passers have that the others don’t?

In a word: C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-C-E.

Confidence is walking into  a test room calmly and believing there will be nothing in the exam that will surprise you. It is knowing you can answer or solve any question or problem in the exam.

Without this, you’ll start to feel uncomfortable when you see a test item that looks new or unfamiliar.  You’ll  cringe when you start solving the problem and realize you’re not getting anywhere. Then  panic scrambles your brains, raises your heart rate, stirs up your stomach, and causes you to perspire.  Once panic grips you, it’s all over.


So the question is how can you develop the confidence that prevents a severe panic attack?

The single most important thing is to gain familiarity with the topics and the types of questions you will encounter.  That is why our test banks have thousands of items culled from textbooks, past board exams, reviewers’ materials, etc. Repeated test taking – where you encounter questions pulled out randomly by our test engine – reinforces familiarity and increases retention of subject matter.

Since board exams cover a lot of subject matter, you need a lot of time. IT IS NEVER TOO EARLY TO PREPARE. One month of preparation will not be enough. We recommend at least 3 months of steady, consistent, and disciplined preparation. One hour daily over 90 days is better than 3 hours cramming in 30 days. Studies have shown that cramming produces high levels of anxiety that can interfere with test performance.

Designate a suitable space at home where you can be prepare undisturbed; dedicate specific hours, and do this every single day. On the days you don’t feel like preparing, don’t force yourself, but remind yourself why you want to pass the board exam. Keep your motivational level high. You must want to pass the board badly. You must see this as your greatest challenge at this time. You won’t learn motivation by reading books, you have to find it inside you.

If you need some refresher on principles, concepts, formulas, procedures, etc, then open the books or reference material. BUT GO BACK TO ONLINE TEST TAKING ASAP TO IMPROVE RETENTION.

Instant test results give you feedback: correct answers reinforce your understanding; wrong answers remind your understanding is incorrect or insufficient.

Specify a target test score every week, eg “ I will score 80% in psychiatric nursing this week.” Repeat until you hit the target. Then raise it up to say 85% for the following week and so on…..

KEEP SCORING. Scores tell you if you’re making progress or not. If the progress is lacking, then you put in more hours; if you’re scoring well, you can take it a little easy.



So, to summarize: You need confidence to pass the board. And you gain confidence when you’re scoring well in the online tests. Score well now, and you’ll pass the board on your first try.