About our Test Prep Methodology

Notice how professional athletes prepare for competition? They  follow the “specificity” principle in sports, which emphasizes that training be relevant and appropriate in order to produce a “training effect.” A runner trains by running, a swimmer trains by swimming, a grand master trains by playing chess, a tennis pro plays tennis.

“Studies have shown that an average person only retains 5-10% of the information received in a lecture or after reading.  However, if that same person is to read and do practice problems immediately after to reinforce learning, retention goes up to 75-85%.”

And that’s the way to prepare for a PRC board exam: you prepare by taking tests. And more tests. Repeatedly. You don’t prepare for a board exam by reviewing your textbooks, or by attending expensive review centers to listen to lectures you've heard years before.For added measure you should take on more challenging, more difficult tests than the board exam you will actually face. Which is why our test items are more difficult, our coverage of the test subject matter more extensive, and our time limits shorter. We deliberately make your preparation so much more difficult …… so you will have an easier time when you take the actual board. We make it very tough to toughen your character, firm up your resolve, and uplift your motivation.After taking the board, we want you to describe it as “ a piece of cake, instead of lamenting “OMG! The questions are so difficult, or I didn't expect this type of problem or question.”