Ready to take the Board?

Think you will pass if you take the board exam today?

If you can score high in our challenging, “almost- real” simulated tests, we can tell you your chances are great.  If you don’t score well, you’ll know where your weak areas are and you can work on these before you take the actual board. 

Our tests help you get acquainted with the topics and questions you’ll encounter. The more  familiar they look to you, the quicker you can respond to them correctly. Build your confidence by scoring well in our tests. The higher your confidence level, the higher your chances are of passing.

We have comprehensive test material to help graduates pass PRC board exams for teachers, nurses, criminologists, civil engineers, and CPAs.

How we help you pass the board

  • Thousands of test items prepared and evaluated by professors from top universities and field practitioners to be taken under simulated, “almost real” test conditions.
  • Extensive subject matter coverage – from basic to advanced topics.
  • 24/7 access, so you can start now and proceed at your own pace. Better use of the time you can devote for your preparation.
  • More effective than taking practice tests offline; online tests prepare you to answer questions and solve problems under severe time pressure.
  • Online test taking is more efficient than listening to lectures or reading books.
  • Repeated test taking reinforces learning and improves retention.
  • All test scores are kept so you can view your progress; test scores rank you against other reviewers.


Whether you review on your own, enroll in an expensive review center, or engage a private tutor, online test taking should be the most essential part of your test preparation.

About our Test Preparatory Methodology

Notice how professional athletes prepare for competition? They follow the “specificity” principle in sports, which emphasizes that training be relevant and appropriate in order to produce a “training effect.” A runner trains by running, a swimmer trains by swimming, a grand master trains by playing chess, a tennis pro plays tennis...

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How to pass the PRC Board on your first try

Passing the board exam is difficult. The percentage of passing in some tests ranges from 40% to even less than 30% in recent years. Some people need to take the board twice, thrice maybe, to pass it. And some people do well, some even topping it, on their first try.What do board passers have that the others don’t?

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What you should know about the PRC board exams

Board exams are prepared by a panel of two to three people, chosen by the Philippine Regulatory Commission ( PRC)from the ranks of well-known professionals in the field, usually practitioners and/or former academicians. The general rule is that a professional with current teaching load is ineligible to become an examiner....

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