PRC board exams are tough.

But we made our tests even tougher, so your board looks easier when you take it.

To  pass the  board, you  have to pass our tests first.


Our  test preparation methodology is based on  the principle of SPECIFICITY: just as   runners  prepare  for a marathon by  running, tennis  pros prep for a tournament by playing tennis, grandmasters prep by playing chess,  boxers  by sparring  rounds,  you  prep for the board by taking  simulated board exams. Lots of tests. Frequently. Regularly.

Taking simulated tests  under time pressure is far superior to reading textbooks or reviewing study notes. Or taking pen and paper tests under no pressure. And  it’s so much more cost-effective than attending expensive and time-consuming review centers.

We  have  thousands of questions, problems and other test items for those prepping for  board exams for  teachers, nurses, CPAs, criminologists, and civil  engineers.

Recent Board Exam Results Show Low Passing Rates

PRC board exams results for professional  teachers (March, 2018)

Out of 58,323examinees, 13,774 (23.62%)  passed the  board exam for elementary teachers last March.

Out of 76,673examinees, 22,936 (29.91%) passed the  board exam for secondary teachers last March.

PRC board exams results for civil engineers (May,2018)

 Out of  7,599 examinees,  2,738 (36.0%) passed the board  last May. About 2 out of 3 takers failed.

PRC board exams results for nurses (Nov., 2017)

Out of 12,869  examinees, 5,875 (45.6%) passed the board last November.

PRC board exams results for CPAs (Nov., 2017)

 Out of 14,816 examinees, 4,511(30.4%) passed the board  last November.

PRC board exam results for Criminologists ( June, 2018)

Out of 21,894  examinees,  only 7,307 (33.37%) passed the board.

Unless you come from the very top of your class,and  from a reputable school with high academic standards, chances of failing are high. Why not invest a few pesos a day using our test prep methodology and increase your chances of passing significantly?


To pass the board,  you have to pass our tests first.